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The household cleaner is a type of an electrical device which uses an air pump so that it can vacuum the dirt and dust around the furnishings, drapes, floor, and other surface areas. These devices are a smart process of cleaning home without giving any physical stress and they also efficiently minimize the air pollution from indoor and improve the quality of the air. As rapid urbanization is taking place along with the growth of the population, lifestyle has also become fast-paced with the advancement of technologies which is driving the sales of vacuum cleaner globally. The market of vacuum cleaner is advancing more in the developed countries where people are an environmental concern. The consumers are also getting aware of the benefits of using a robotic vacuum which will help the market to grow more in the recent years.

The major reasons which are boosting the demand for vacuum cleaner market is given below,

Harmful cleaning chemical:

There are various types of cleaners which are used to clean the house and floors, but customers prefer using the vacuum cleaners. This is because the chemical of the ingredients used for cleaning is hazardous for the health of pets, toddler, and infants. The usage of the chemical ingredients also releases carcinogenic particles in the air which is harmful to the health globally. The government organizations in various countries have also banned these chemicals or executed regulations on using these chemical ingredients for cleaning purposes. The customers are also becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of these chemical ingredients owing to which the sales of the vacuum cleaners will rise in the forecasted period.

The Increase in revenue owing to canister products:

As the need of cleaning the floors and carpets quickly is increasing the demand of the canister vacuum cleaner is also expected to grow. Based on the type of product the cannister is expected to gain maximum revenue in the market. Though, the autonomous or robotic type segment is also expected to see growth in the estimated period. By the end-users of the market, the segment of the household will see the maximum revenue growth while the independent retail store is estimated to have the fastest growth in the market in the estimated period.

Advancement in technology will boost the demand:

The robotic vacuum cleaners are anticipated to observe an increase in demand among the consumers owing to its advanced features. These vacuum cleaners have sensors that can track the safe path to avoid any obstacles while it is cleaning the floor, they also have security cameras in them. These robotic vacuum cleaners can also operate through the power supply if its battery runs out. The robotic vacuum cleaners are well-equipped with advanced technology that provides the smoothest way of cleaning experience to the consumers owing to which the vacuum cleaners market will increase globally.

The major segments of the vacuum cleaner market globally,


Asia Pacific

North America

Latin America

Middle East & Africa

The Asia Pacific market is going to see a significant rise in the vacuum cleaners market in the estimated period owing to the increase of health awareness and increase in disposable income. The standards of living are also increasing in countries such as India, China, and Japan. The initiation of the Indian government on Clean India will also have a positive impact on the market.

The major companies in the market of the vacuum cleaner are:


Techtronic Industries



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